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Medical Foster Care

Medical Foster Care is specialized foster care designed to meet the special medical needs of children with complicated medical conditions and the need for technology to help them stay alive.

Who are the children who need this care?

medical foster child

The children in need of Medical Foster Care can have some of the following diagnoses or technology needs:

Some Possible Diagnoses:
Respiratory Problems
Neurological problems
Seizure Disorders
Cerebral Palsy
Severe Prematurity
Heart and Lung Defects
Feeding Disorders
Genetic Disorders
HIV and AIDS related illnesses
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Drug Addiction
Hearing and/or Vision problems
Ventilator Dependence

Some Possible Medical Equipment Needs:
Feeding Tube and Feeding Pump
IV Therapies
Apnea Monitor
Pulse Oxygen Machine
Heart Monitor
Significant Medication Requirements
Hospital Bed
Special Walking Equipment

Can I be a Medical Foster Parent?

Medical Foster Parents are people who are interested in providing specialized care to children with complex medical needs. They can be single, married, have children and jobs or be medical professionals. These parents are willing to provide extensive care to medically fragile children. They are willing to get specialized training for use of any medical equipment and are able to ensure proper medical care at all times including taking the children to frequent doctors appointments.

special medical needs foster child

What kind of training will I need?

Medical Foster Parents receive special training to become foster parents plus additional training to learn how to operate medical equipment, monitor medical conditions and respond to medical emergencies. CPR and First Aid are also required training. Each child will have unique needs that the parents will be trained on by medical professionals before placement.

Are there services to support me?

Yes. Children with special medical needs are often involved with many services including skilled nursing care, medical day care, respite care, therapies, Early Intervention, hospital social workers and medical equipment companies, to name a few. These services are coordinated by a Children's Choice Medical Social Worker.

Who pays for the child's medical care and medical equipment?

Children with special medical needs are covered by a Medical Assistance Program and/or their family's private insurance. The Medical Assistance Program pays for the medical care and the equipment the child needs.

Children's Choice is seeking loving, caring, dedicated parents to become Medical Foster Parents. Are you the parent we need?

For more information about foster or kinship care, contact our medical foster care program coordinator, Kareylenn Thompson at (610) 872-6200, or You may also contact us by completing this form.