children's choice, inc., specialized foster care, kinship care, and adoption services

History of Children's Choice

Children's Choice was founded on April 1, 1982, in Chester, Pennsylvania by Rev. Drs. William and Carolyn Eberwein. "Dr. Bill" and "Dr. Carolyn" had worked in a variety of social service fields, including church ministries, juvenile justice, prisons, halfway houses, and fundraising. Through their experience, they began to notice that the children of some of their clients were entering the social service system, repeating the patterns of their parents. Drs. Bill and Carolyn felt that if they could reach out to people at an earlier age, as children, then perhaps the cycle of dependency, suffering, and failure could be broken.

Dr. Carolyn Eberwein, president and chief executive officer of Children's Choice

Dr. Carolyn Eberwein, President, CEO, and
Co-Founder of Children's Choice, Inc.

The Eberweins firmly believed that if they could restore self-worth and the power of choice to people who felt powerless and victimized, then meaningful change could take place in the community. Guided by the words of James 1:27 in the Christian Bible, which teaches that perfect religion is to take care of widows and orphans, the Eberweins have provided out-of-home care services for literally thousands of children and families.

Since 1982, Children's Choice has expanded into Maryland and Delaware, and has developed new branches of service, including kinship care, medical foster care and therapeutic foster care.

In September of 2010, Dr. Bill was called home to be with the Lord. After his passing, the board of directors appointed Dr. Carolyn to the role of President and Chief Executive Officer, and she continues to guide the agency in our mission of service to the children and families in our care.

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Mission Statement

Choice Services International is a Christian social service agency, which provides specialized community-based services. Choice Services International serves as a bridge for individuals who are in need of the re-integrative process of family living.

Intensive individualized supportive services are provided to empower clients in achieving their highest potential.

As a response to changing needs in families and society, Choice Services International seeks to be an agent of positive change with those we serve throughout the world.

Core Values

  • To be committed to serve.
  • To uphold Christian values.
  • To provide and promulgate positive family environments.
  • To promote family reunification.
  • To facilitate choices, respecting each individual's right to choose.
  • To work in a team oriented approach.
  • To provide the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of others.
  • To stimulate personal growth and self determination.
  • To be agents of faith.
  • To encourage and enhance social consciousness.

Annual Report

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990s for FY 2011

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